Pranav Shrestha


Thado Dhunga, Patan

Post SEE


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less than 1 year

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About me:

I am only 17 years old and this is a new experience for me. I have averaged good scores every grade so I firmly believe i can teach a student. Since I just gave SEE, I can relate to courses better.

I can teach following Classes & Subjects
Grade 7-Computer Grade 7-Math Grade 7-biology Grade 7-chemistry Grade 7-physics Grade 7-Socila Studies Grade 8-Math Grade 8-chemistry Grade 8-physics Grade 8-biology Grade 8-Computer Grade 8-Socila Studies Grade 9-Math Grade 9-physics Grade 9-chemistry Grade 9-biology Grade 9-Computer Grade 9-Socila Studies Grade 10-English Grade 10-Math Grade 10-physics Grade 10-chemistry Grade 10-Computer Grade 10-biology Grade 10-Socila Studies