Saniya Bist


Tinkune , Kathmandu

BIT computing 2nd year


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About Saniya Bist

Experience in teaching:

less than 1 year

Prefered tuiton time:

After 4 pm

Prefered area to teach:

Baneshwor, tinkune, sankhamul,

Fee Detail:

Starting 4000

About me:

I m currently a BIT student studying at Islington College. I specialize on the major subjects like mathematics, science, nepali, english. I can teach other subjects too and my teaching includes making the concepts clear and scoring good grades in examination not just by rot learning but by complete understanding. I have previously tutored several students who had a difficult time in getting the concepts clear and getting good grades. I prefer to teach the students in the way they find the course matters easy as well as effective. School is the phase where the basics of all the courses need to cleared and understood so for school students I can ensure to make the fundamentals clear and achieve good grades but it will require equal efforts from my side as well as the student's side.

I can teach following Classes & Subjects
Grade 8-English Grade 8-Math Grade 8-Computer Grade 8-Nepali Grade 8-Environmental Studies Grade 8-Moral Education Grade 8-General Knowledge Grade 8-Socila Studies Grade 7-English Grade 7-Math Grade 7-physics Grade 7-biology Grade 7-Computer Grade 7-Nepali Grade 7-Environmental Studies Grade 7-Moral Education Grade 7-Socila Studies Grade 6-English Grade 6-Math Grade 6-physics Grade 6-chemistry Grade 6-biology Grade 6-Computer Grade 6-Nepali Grade 6-Environmental Studies Grade 6-Moral Education Grade 6-General Knowledge Grade 6-Socila Studies Grade 5-English Grade 5-Math Grade 5-Science Grade 5-Computer Grade 5-Art & Craft Grade 5-Nepali Grade 5-Environmental Studies Grade 5-Moral Education Grade 5-General Knowledge Grade 5-Socila Studies Grade 4-English Grade 4-Math Grade 4-Science Grade 4-Computer Grade 4-Nepali Grade 4-Environmental Studies Grade 4-Moral Education Grade 4-General Knowledge Grade 4-Socila Studies Grade 3-English Grade 3-Math Grade 3-Science Grade 3-Art & Craft Grade 3-Reading Writing Grade 3-Nepali Grade 3-Environmental Studies Grade 3-Moral Education Grade 2-English Grade 2-Math Grade 2-Science Grade 2-Art & Craft Grade 2-Reading Writing Grade 2-Nepali Grade 2-Moral Education Grade 1-English Grade 1-Moral Education Grade 1-Nepali Grade 1-Math Grade 1-Art & Craft Grade 1-Reading Writing Grade 1-Science