Divyam Jha


Sanepa, Lalitpur

BFTP 1st Year Student


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About Divyam Jha

Experience in teaching:

Prefered tuiton time:

7 am to 8 am | 5 pm to 6 pm

Prefered area to teach:

Sanepa, Kuleshwar, Dhobighat

Fee Detail:

200 per Class

About me:

I'm Divyam Jha, 18, from Nepal. I'm an undergraduate Film & TV Production student at KIIT, India, studying online.I have a consistently excellent academic background so I can help students clarify their concepts in a friendly manner. I prefer teaching Science, Maths and English, but along with that I can also help them with Social Studies as well as Nepali. I understand students are ladden with a bulky syllabus and this will grow with time. So students need to know how they can study various subjects in specific ways with techniques that can fortify their academic strength. Along with the curricular activities, students also need to know how the world is changing so that they can be ahead of the pack and excel further in their desired field. Apart from the syllabi, I will also be talking about a bunch of techniques that can enhance their attention, focus and memory. I strongly believe academics alone is not sufficient, so I will also stimulate them to activate their inner wisdom, that will certainly help them lead a better life regardless of their field of interest. I expect myself to teach students the way they should be taught, on the basis of my own, immense learning experience as a student.

I can teach following Classes & Subjects
Grade 10-English Grade 10-Math Grade 10-Nepali Grade 10-Socila Studies Grade 10-physics Grade 10-chemistry Grade 10-biology Grade 5-English Grade 5-Science Grade 5-Math Grade 5-Nepali Grade 5-Computer Grade 5-Moral Education Grade 5-Socila Studies Grade 6-English Grade 6-Math Grade 6-Socila Studies Grade 6-Moral Education Grade 6-physics Grade 6-chemistry Grade 6-biology Grade 7-English Grade 7-Math Grade 7-chemistry Grade 7-biology Grade 7-physics Grade 7-Nepali Grade 8-English Grade 8-Math Grade 8-physics Grade 8-chemistry Grade 8-biology Grade 9-physics Grade 9-chemistry Grade 9-biology Grade 9-Nepali Grade 8-Nepali Language-Maithili