Anwit Pokharel


Kaushaltar, Kathmandu

B.E 3rd year


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About Anwit Pokharel

Experience in teaching:

2 years

Prefered tuiton time:


Prefered area to teach:


Fee Detail:

According to location and subject.

About me:

A topper knows how to help students upgrade their grades.

I can teach following Classes & Subjects
Grade 10-English Grade 10-Math Grade 10-Computer Grade 10-physics Grade 10-biology Grade 11-Math Grade 11-English Grade 11-biology Grade 11-physics Grade 12-physics Grade 12-biology Grade 12-Math Grade 9-Math Grade 8-chemistry Grade 8-biology Grade 4-Math Grade 4-Science Grade 4-Computer Grade 5-Science Grade 5-Computer Grade 10-chemistry Grade 9-English Grade 9-physics Grade 9-chemistry Grade 9-biology Grade 9-Computer Grade 9-Environmental Studies Grade 8-physics Grade 8-Math Grade 8-Computer Grade 12-English Music Instruments-Acoustic Guitar Music Instruments-Electric guitar Bachelor-Mechanical Eng Bachelor-MBBS