Shirjak Thokar


Jawalakhel, Patan

+2 level


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About Shirjak Thokar

Experience in teaching:

less than 1 year

Prefered tuiton time:

Anytime after 12pm and before 7 pm

Prefered area to teach:

Fee Detail:

20000 per month. we can talk about it

About me:

I can teach following Classes & Subjects
Grade 1-English Grade 2-English Grade 3-English Grade 4-English Grade 5-English Grade 6-English Grade 8-English Grade 8-Math Grade 7-English Grade 7-Math Grade 6-Math Grade 5-Math Grade 4-Math Grade 3-Math Grade 2-Math Grade 1-Math Grade 1-Science Grade 2-Science Grade 3-Science Grade 4-Science Grade 5-Science Grade 6-physics Grade 6-chemistry Grade 6-biology Grade 6-Geography Grade 6-Nepali Grade 6-Moral Education Grade 6-General Knowledge Grade 6-Socila Studies Grade 7-physics Grade 7-chemistry Grade 7-biology Grade 7-Computer Grade 7-Nepali Grade 7-Moral Education Grade 7-General Knowledge Grade 7-Socila Studies Grade 8-chemistry Grade 8-physics Grade 8-biology Grade 8-Computer Grade 8-Nepali Grade 8-Socila Studies Grade 8-Moral Education Grade 5-Computer Grade 5-Nepali Grade 5-Moral Education Grade 5-General Knowledge Grade 5-Socila Studies Grade 4-Computer Grade 4-Nepali Grade 4-Moral Education Grade 4-General Knowledge Grade 4-Socila Studies Grade 3-Nepali